Friday 13 November 2020

Why I'm supporting Adoption UK this year...

Every year I like to support the work of a great UK charity - so for every one of the Personalised Santa Letters and Telegrams that are sold this year, I'll be donating 50p to this year's cause: Adoption UK.

This fantastic charity operates around the UK, supporting adoptive families. They told me: 

"Three quarters of the children adopted today have been removed from their birth families due to abuse or neglect. Adoption alone doesn’t erase the trauma they have suffered, and they find relationships and everyday life incredibly difficult. Adoptive families face daily battles to get the longer-term support and specialist help they need. Since Covid-19 struck, many families have told us they are under even more pressure, feeling increased isolation and are heading towards breaking point. Our advice and support services are a lifeline for struggling adoptive families. They provide the empathy, connection and vital guidance that help make family life manageable and happier again. With funds we raise we will be able to respond to more calls from families in crisis, reach out to those struggling and in need, connect them to other adopters who can help them put the steps in place for a brighter future."

So that means, each and every time you order a Santa Letter or a Santa Telegram, you'll be helping families and children around the country. But, I have a passionate request for you...

Adoption UK are running a fundraising campaign called The Big Give Christmas Challenge. During the campaign, every donation they receive will be DOUBLED - which means that 50p could become £1! But, this will only be possible for orders that are purchased before midnight on December 6th. So, if you're thinking about placing an order for a Letter or Telegram from Santa this year - please, please do it by December 6th if you can. Then your support will be worth twice as much!

Personalised Santa Letters & Telegrams - written and signed by the real Father Christmas, from just £6.99 including P&P

Orders will be open until December 17th, but if you can place your order before midnight on December 6th that would be absolutely fantastic! Click here for full details on the PhotoFairytales site.

Sarah x

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