Wednesday 8 March 2023

NEW & EXCLUSIVE: Coronation Gift Collection

Time for a bit of new! I've designed a unique new collection of Coronation gifts and keepsakes to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III in May. You won't find these anywhere else and they're limited edition - so why not treat yourself to a lovely memento of the day!

I wanted to create a collection that has a classic feel and a good amount of "Britishness", working on the designs over several weeks until I was happy. The image I created originally was for a coronation mug, but as I worked on it I started to think how lovely it would look on a tea towel... ooh, and a bag too!

I created the design with His Majesty in mind from start to finish. I wanted to reflect his love of British nature and heritage, ensuring I included symbolism to represent the four corners of Britain - English roses, Scottish thistles, the Irish shamrock and Welsh daffodils. There's even little teapots hidden into the design, because we Brits do love our tea! Entwined into the leafy design are oak leaves and acorns.

The design was inspired by the historical printed coronation giftware that has been produced as souvenirs in this country for over 250 years. The colourful artwork has a traditional feel and features original vintage images alongside handpainted watercolour images. 

In addition to the mug, tea towel and bag, I've also created a special edition Blue Heritage Plaque - a lovely way to remember how you celebrated coronation day. Personalised to order with your own wording, the plaque can be displayed indoors or outside.

And, if you're looking forward to watching the coronation on television and don't want any interruptions, I have the perfect thing for you... a personalised wooden door hanger that will let everyone in the household know they need to keep quiet! Not just for the coronation of course, I think you'll find this useful whenever you're watching telly and need some peace...

Whether you're planning a quiet family gathering, a street party, an office party, or just want to add to your collection of Royal memorabilia, I'm hoping that something from my Coronation Collection will make a great souvenir for you!

Sarah x

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